Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Stock Focus

These stocks are MONSTERS!!!

There aren't too many stocks in the market these days not succumbing to the claws of the bear market. It seems like a epic struggle for stocks to climb amongst the battering of share prices. There are bright spots though. These stocks seem as though they are made of Teflon. They are continuing their bull runs even as the bear market growls. SCL (Stepan Company), LDR (Landauer, Inc. ), PEGA (Pegasystems Inc. ), AFAM (Almost Family, Inc. ), CELG (Celgene Corporation), ENER (Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.), ENS (EnerSys), ILMN (Illumina, Inc.), LDR (Landauer, Inc.), NUVA (NuVasive, Inc.), VISN (VisionChina Media Inc)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Primary Trend Is Down

"The trend is your friend." With that being said, the primary trend of the markets is down. And that is the direction you should be trading. We have had numerous financial experts tell us that the bottom has arrived. We have seen the end of the this crisis. Some even say that there is no recession, and that we will see a recovery in late 2008. I tend not to give too much weight to what they say or anyone else for that matter. When making investments or trades, the finally decision comes down to you. You are responsible for all your decision making. Trust your own analytical and decision-making skills.