Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Only Government That Can Jolt Economy?!

Did Obama really say that? I only watched the first two minutes to see if he actually said that. He did say it, and then I stopped watching. There is no reason in the world to think that what Obama said is true. Think about it? If it were true that the government is the only thing in the world that can get the economy going, why haven't all the things they have done in the past 15 months worked? I will tell you why, because it is not in their control. They have no control over the situation, but want to give the illusion of control. The collective human psychology of the world moves to its own drum beat. We are now experiencing a turn down in social mood from a two decade long rising trend of social mood. That trend has now turned down, and the world will not recover until the social mood recovers. It is that simple. So, when people start feeling better about things the economy will improve, companies will start hiring, credit will be giving out more freely. But don't be fooled into thinking that the government is the "ONLY" thing that can turn it around.

Obama's speech on Bloomberg Video:

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