Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Obama Approval Ratings Dip?

I came across an article today. The article talked about Obama's slipping approval ratings. Obama's Approval Ratings Dip? Really? Am I surprised, definitely not. I am not interested in the inner workings of politics. When politicians try to tinker in the world of finance and economics it is never a good idea. Obama was elected because the people were more concerned about the economy. If the people were more concerned with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan , John McCain would be our president today. So I am not surprised Obama's approval ratings are sliding, but my reasons have to do with social mood. I believe that social mood dictates the events in society, and not the other way around. So the fact that Obama became president at a time when society's overall mood was declining is evidence (to me) that the eventuality of his presidency will be thought of with contempt and disdain for all his actions and policies. Am I the only one who thinks what Obama has done and plans to do is completely detrimental to the US? Well, apparently not. Check out the link below. Read the article. Then take the poll at the bottom of the article. See what average Americans think about Obama's actions and policies. I think the article may not have even been giving the true feelings of people. I saw strongly disapprove of 70% on most of the poll results. You can't make this stuff up, or you could. But a poll is a poll. Nothing more, nothing less.

AOL News
Link: http://news.aol.com/article/obama-approval-ratings-dip/578736

P.S. - For more information on Obama, check out the movie, The Obama Deception.
Just watch the video below.

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