Friday, 24 July 2009

Quote of the Day

Without the negative, we would have no capacity to differentiate the positive, so that the negative is a necessary precondition to the existence of the positive and our perception of it. So it follows absolutely that one is compelled to take a positive view of the negative. Ipso facto, the negative is positive due to its positive effect in allowing us discriminate the positive from the negative. Therefore, the negative is positive. So stop whining, shut up and think positive.
-The Sage, I. Tarius
(i.e. Prepare yourself for the worst (economically and socially), so that when it comes it will not be such a big deal or even have no efffect because you have already been preparing. In fact, making provisions should be seen as a positive by affecting your own outcome positively when the storm blows in. It's all a matter out perspective about what separates negative from positive.)

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