Saturday, 18 July 2009

U.S. video game sales post largest decline since 2000

Reuters reports U.S. video game sales post largest decline since 2000. Go look for yourself. Video games are supposed to be bulletproof when it comes to recessions. But what the pollyannas don't seem to realize is that this economy is in real trouble. The facts are all over the place. I get tired to trying to refute the belief that the economy is stabilizing and will start to recover later this year. These people can't keep saying later this year, or second half of '08, or the back half of the year we will experience a pickup in the economy because in just a few months we will be there.(We're in the middle of July. The meat of the second half of the year is not that far away). To me, it's obvious that the economy is sputtering downwards, but I guess not everybody can see what I see. (or want to)

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