Friday, 5 March 2010

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The opening range for March has seen three positive days. Yesterday, the market closed up slightly (+4.18 pts). The market is still in a confirmed uptrend from the March 2009 lows. Each and every decline in the market is met with buyers coming in to lift the market higher. Although, at this stage in the advance (we are very close to a full 12 months) it is very interesting to note that it seems that the market continues to rise without the concurrent volume expansion you would see in a sustained bull market. There are some individual stocks that continue to outperform in this current rally (e.g. VPRT, VCI, DBRN, RDWR, and LZ; to name a few). In the market there are always opportunities to profit every single day. Even when the market goes down, there are stocks going up. And when the market is going up, there are stocks going down. Staying vigilant and sharpening your focus on a particular stock and getting to know its character can give you the edge you need to know when to make an investment commitment.

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